In a field of 105 presenters, Virginia Tech Ph.D. student, Priya Venkatraman received a first place award for her poster, "Developing Polyamide/Cellulose Nanocomposites for Industrial-Scale Processing," presented at the TAPPI Nano 2019 International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials held June 3-7 in Chiba, Japan.

According to the conference webpage, "Renewable nanomaterials, primarily derived from plants such as trees, have generated much excitement because they are renewable, recyclable, appear to have limited/few safety, health and environmental issues, can be produced in large quantities at costs appealing to materials users, and possess unique properties that enhance the performance of consumer products and applications when used with other materials."

Priya received a B.S. degree from MSE in 2016 and is a doctoral candidate in macromolecular science and engineering under the direction of MSE Professor Johan Foster.