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Multiscale Mesostructured Ceramics

Recently, a collaborative effort between two MSE faculty members, Johan Foster and Carolina Tallon was recognized for its exemplary nature, by being selected to be featured in the journal Small (see image above) (IF 9.598) as a Frontspiece. The work explores the transformative and versatile role of cellulose nanomaterials as an enabling technology in the preparation of multiscale mesostructured ceramics, with pore sizes in the meso‐ (2–50 nm) and macroporosity (above 50 nm) range and a regular architecture and distribution across the structure. This utilizes cellulose not only as a template but also as a colloidal modifier. The image depicts one of the multi‐scale structures achieved using this concept, using titania (TiO2) and cellulose nanocrystals.  Publication information:  "Multiscale Mesostructured Ceramics: The Transformative and Versatile Role of Cellulose Nanomaterials in Templating and Shaping Multiscale Mesostructured Ceramics (Small 46/2018), E. Johan Foster, Nizar Zahed, Carolina Tallon, Small, Volume 14, Issue 46, 15 November 2018.