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Wenjun Cai appointed assistant professor in MSE

Wenjun (Rebecca) Cai has been appointed assistant professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department.

Dr. Cai has made unique contributions in the emerging field of tribocorrosion. Since fall 2012, she has received close to $1M in federal and industrial research grants. In addition to receiving an NSF CAREER award, Dr. Cai’s research activities have been recognized by other prestigious awards, including the USF outstanding faculty award (2016) and the TMS Young Leaders Professional Development Award (2017).

Her research interests include understanding tribological and corrosion properties of metals and coatings; developing new processing strategies for energy efficient alloys, coatings, and nano-architectured materials; investigating mechanical behavior and fracture mechanisms of multilayered materials, flexible electronics, and additively-manufactured parts.

Cai earned her bachelor’s degree from Fudan University and a doctoral degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also completed post-doctoral work at MIT.