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International Programs with MSE

Because we live in a global economy, it is increasingly important to develop an appreciation and awareness of manufacturing processes, techniques, methods, and practices around the world.  Major corporations and small businesses are looking for students with global experience and a willingness to serve abroad. The MSE department seeks to increase opportunities for our students to gain global experience in the field of materials science and engineering through international collaboration with institutions around the world.

Currently, we are developing strong collaborations with the following institutions:

  • China - Tianjin University, School of Materials Science and Engineering 
  • Germany - Technische Universität Darmstadt, Department of Materials and GeoSciences
  • Switzerland - University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • France - Grenoble INP-PAGORA

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College of Engineering International Travel Link - To learn about travel forms, requirements, and procedures for International Programs and Study Abroad, visit this College of Engineering International page.

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MSE Senior Maria Handley Returns From France

International Cooperational Program Michelin Fall 2013

During the summer and fall of 2013, I went on a co-op abroad with Michelin at their site in Clermont-Ferrand, France.  I was faced with the challenges of working and living in a foreign country which included speaking the native language, and acclimating to local culture.  For the professional aspect of my trip, I worked in the main research site with experts from a variety of technical backgrounds including materials. I worked on a project concerning control reception for textile materials across Europe.  I had amazing multicultural communication opportunities during my endeavors. I worked with people from France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Italy.  I learned about all of the amazing opportunities engineering can bring, especially with an international company like Michelin. It was an incredible personal experience. During my trip, I was able to visit other cities in France and travel to multples countries:  Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.  

Maria posing with Bibendum, Michelin's official mascot of Michelin, also known as the Michelin Man.