Undergraduate Advising

Academic Advising

While it is the student’s responsibility to understand, interpret and know school policies the MSE Adviser offers guidance as you advance to graduation.  To offer assistance with this task, the student will meet with the adviser throughout their academic career: 5 times during sophomore year, 3 times during junior year, and twice during the senior year.  Additional meetings may be required &/or requested by the student.

Current MSE Students can schedule an appointment with the Academic Adviser by using the “sign-up” tool in Scholar. If you are not a member of the MSE Undergraduate Advising group in scholar please email the adviser directly. 

Students are emailed updates, reminders, and helpful tools by way of the MSE Advising Newsletter. Past newsletters can be found here:  Email Campaign Archive.

MSE Undergraduate Adviser, Michelle Czamanske, is located in 142C Randolph Hall.

Career Advising