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Olivia Moreland

Student Ambassador
Olivia Moreland


Charlotte, North Carolina

Expected graduation date

May 2023

Why did you choose materials science and engineering 

I absolutely love learning from the very beginning of how things are able to work, which I found through MSE and learning about the materials. I also learned about Corning in high school and just fell in love with glass and how it can make everything so much more modern!

Focus area

I’m working towards Ceramics and Glass because I love their properties and a lot of various industries actually want to work towards this area for the temperature resistance and also how glass can be integrated with technology.

Clubs and organizations

Materials Engineering Professional Society, America Foundry Society, and I hope to join the bladesmithing team because I always was a fan of things forged in fire.

Best thing about being a Hokie

The community! I love seeing the life on campus when an event is going on – especially the football games!

Favorite ice cream flavor

I’m basic and love chocolate.