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MSE Fall 2018 Seminar Series

Fall 2018 Schedule
Fridays, 3:30–5:00p.m. McBryde Hall 113
Networking Session, 3:00-3:30 p.m.

The MSE Seminar Series includes presentations describing technical aspects, current state of the art, scientific advances and breakthroughs, and frontier approaches in the field of research within materials science and engineering.  Participants include invited speakers from external institutions and companies, invited speakers from within Virginia Tech, and graduate students from the MSE department.

Questions and comments can be directed to Dr. Carolina Tallon, 

August 24     Dr. Carolina Tallon, MSE Seminar Introduction

August 31      Dr. Wenjun (Rebecca), Materials Science and Engineering, Virginia Tech

Enhancing the Tribocorrosion Resistance of Metals via Microstructure Design 

September 7     Kaustubh Bawane, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Spark Plasma Sintered Cr3C2@SiC-NFA Composites in Water Vapor Environment 

September 7     Rose Roberts, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

Encapsulation of αCT1 Peptide Drug for Glioblastoma Applications 

September 14     Min Gao, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech 

Phase Transition and Energy Storage Behavior of Oriented Epitaxial Antiferroelectric PLZT Thin Films  

September 14     Junran Xu, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

Magnetoelectric Gradiometer with Enhanced Vibration Rejection Efficiency Under H-Field Modulation 

September 14     Hesham Elmkharram, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Amorphization of Co-C Alloys by Mechanical Alloying   

September 21     Ms. Christine Burgoyne, Materials Science and Engineering, and BEAM, Virginia Tech

A Strange Phenomenon Happened:  Looking into the Importance of Technical and Professional Communications in Science and Engineering 

September 28    Open

October 5     Chao Ding, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

Additive Manufacturing of Magnetic Components 

October 5     Han-Byul Kang, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

High Thermoelectric Performance in n-type (Hf,Zr)NiSn Half-Heusler Alloys Through Metallic Nanoinclusions 

October 5     Fazel Baniasadi, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

Intrinsic Point Defects in Two Dimensional Materials        

October 12     TBA 

October 19     Fall Break:  no seminar

October 26     Seba Pereira, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech 

A Review of the Effects of a Bicontinuous Structure on a Material's Properties

October 26     Joey Griffiths, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

Metal Matrix Composites Fabricated by Solid State Additive Manufacturing 

November 2     Hanna Heyl, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

November 2     Hunter Rauch, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

November 2     Austin Scherbarth, Graduate Student, MSE, Virginia Tech   

November 9     Dr. Terry Xu, UNC - Charlotte

Synthesis and Characterization of Boron Carbide One-Dimensional Nanostructures 

November 16     No seminar

November 23     Thanksgiving Holiday, no seminar         

November 30    Dr.  Jennifer Sietins, ARL

X-Ray Computed Tomography for Materials Science Applications 

December 7     Class end:  no seminar