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Dr. Catherine A. Baker

Materials Engineer, The Boeing Company

Catherine (Barron) Baker holds a B.S. in Materials Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from Penn State.  Her graduate research investigated morphology of semi-crystalline polymer blends.  During graduate school, she was selected as an American Association of University Women American Fellow (1992-93). 

Following academic studies, her employment with Owens Corning in Ohio, garnered two patents in sound screen insulation panels and non-aqueous sizing system for glass fibers and injection moldable polymers.   Subsequently, Catherine took a job with Boeing in Seattle, with an Analytical Engineering group.  In this position she performed failure analysis on various airplane components, including metallurgical and chemical analysis, with particular emphasis on contamination.  Parts analyzed included wiring, electrical connectors, electronics, and fuel pumps.  She was a Boeing participant in an FAA sponsored research team on fuel tank corrosion deposits and their potential safety hazard.

Catherine spent eight years working as a Systems Engineer performing various types of analyses, modeling, and simulation, including affordability business analytics systems, and operational performance for emerging and advanced technologies in all of Boeing's business units. 

She currently works on the 777X program working with suppliers, production and new material development of toughened epoxy, carbon filler composites.

Catherine lives with her husband, Barry, and two sons in Seattle, Washington.