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MSE Spring 2021 Seminar Series

Spring 2021 Schedule

Fridays, 10:10 - 11:00 a.m.
Zoom Sessions

February 19, 10:15,  Hunter A. Rauch, MSE Graduate Student:  Energy Dissipation and Functional Fatigue in Granular Packings of Superelastic Ceramics

February 19, 10:30, Ben Dillinger,  MSE Graduate Student:  Analysis of the Flow Dissolution of Lithium Disilicate Glass

March 5, 10:15, Manuel E. Umanzor, MSE Graduate Student: Thermophysical Properties of Fe30Mn4Al0.9C: A Coupled Computational-Experimental Approach

March 5, 10:30, Jia Chen, MSE Graduate Student: The Origin of Passivity in Aluminum-Manganese Solid Solutions

March 19, 10:15, David Aden, MSE Graduate Student:  Project Aeneas:  Preliminary Design and Analysis of a Crew-Rated Mars Ascent Vehicle

April 2, 10:15, Zachary Hileman, MSE Graduate Student:  Multicomponent Imaging in Helical Fiber Designs for Low Frequency Acoustic Sensing

April 16, 10:15, Allison Slominski, MSE Graduate Student:  Optimization of the Dip Coating Process with Zirconium Diboride

April 16, 10:30, Charlotte Clark, MSE Graduate Student:  Anthropometrics and Friction of the Human Head (IRB#20-596)

April 16, 10:45, Jason Brown, MSE Graduate Student:  Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Radiation Damage in Ni-Fe Concentrated Alloys

April 30, 10:15, Katie Flint, MSE Graduate Student:  Study of Flexible Gold Nanoparticle and Polystyrene Hybrid Films for Floating Gate Application

April 30, 10:30, Cody Hammack, MSE Graduate Student:  Effect of Excited State Capture on Modulation Bandwidth of Quantum Dot Semiconductor Laser with Asymmetric Barrier Layers