Research, Graduate and Undergraduate Laboratories

Approximately 10,920 square feet of departmental laboratory space is available for use in undergraduate instruction. Most of this space and the associated equipment is shared between instruction and research involving both graduate and undergraduate students. Included is fundamental equipment for preparation and testing of metals, ceramics, and polymers including a wide array of furnaces; casting equipment; cutting, grinding, mounting, and polishing tools; optical microscopes; x-ray diffractometers; thermal analysis instrumentation; mechanical and rheological testing equipment; milling and pressing machines; and rapid prototyping (3D printing) devices.

The specific resources available for materials processing and analysis are detailed by location in the links given below. These teaching and research laboratories are under the direct supervision of the Department’s Laboratory Manager, Prof. Thomas Staley.

Additional instructional and research facilities available to MSE personnel include the Kroehling Advanced Materials Foundry located at the Research Compound on Plantation Road and the ICTAS (www.ictas.vt.edu) Nanoscale Fabrication and Characterization Laboratory (www.ncfl.ictas.vt.edu) located at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. The foundry is a state-of-the-art teaching facility with broad capabilities to handle both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. The NCFL has over $12 million in state-of-the art tools including suites devoted to electron and force microscopy, spectroscopy, and other advanced processing and analysis techniques.

The Kroehling Foundry is supervised by the VT-FIRE (Foundry Institute for Research and Education) Director, Prof. Alan Druschitz while the NCFL is managed by Prof. William Reynolds.