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Sample Preparation Lab

Sample Prep Lab


Holden 141

Lab Supervisor:  Tom Staley

 Capabilities and Equipment:
Metallographic Abrasive Cutter Saw (Buehler)
Work Balance with Density Kit (Mettler-Toledo)
Single Sample Grinder/Polishers (4) (Buehler)
Etching Station (Chemical Fume Hood) (Fisher-Hamilton)
Belt Grinder (Leco)
Low Speed Diamond Saw (Buehler)
Low Speed Diamond Saw (South Bay)
Manual Sample Mounting Press (Buehler)
Automatic Sample Mounting Press (Buehler)
Pneumatic Sample Mounting Press (Leco)
Vacuum Impregnation System (Buehler)
Auto Grinder/Polisher (6 samples max) (Buehler)
Auto Grinder/Polisher (6 samples max) (Leco)
Roller Grinders (2) (Buehler)
Ultrasonic Cleaners (2) (Branson)
Analytical Balance (Denver Instruments)

 Safety Alerts:
Torso - Chemical Exposure
Hand Hazards - Chemical Exposure
Abrasion/Puncture - Extreme Heat
Foot Hazards - Chemical Exposure
Respiratory - Particulate
Eye Hazard  - Dust/Flying Debris

 Safety Links:
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Environmental Health and Safety

 Emergency Contacts:  
Carlos Suchicital (540-315-5197)

Other info:
ASM Handbooks (only VT access)