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Graduate seminars

Research seminars (MSE-5015) are held weekly on Fridays from 11:15 a.m.–12:05 p.m. in the Holden auditorium unless otherwise listed. All are welcome to attend. Please contact Rebecca Cai for more information.

Spring Semester 2024

January 26

"Multidimensional Power Devices in (Ultra-) Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors," Prof. Yuhao Zhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech

February 2

"Gallium Oxide Nickel Oxide Heterojunction Barrier Schottky Diodes," Joseph Spencer, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech

February 9 

"Soft Materials for Multifunctional Electronics, Robots, and Adhesives," Prof. Michael Bartlett, Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

February 16 

"The Properties and Promise of High Entropy Ceramics: Insights from Theory and Computation," Prof. Donald Brenner, Materials Science and Engineering, N.C. State University

February 23 

"Structural, Aerospace, and Marine Applications of Piezoelectric Effect: A Literature Review," Caroline Emanuel, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech

"Formulation of Biodegradable Polysaccharide Blend as Replacement of Single-use Plastics," Selma Gmati, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech

March 1 

"A Brief Introduction to Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA) and Wavelength-Dispersive X-ray spectrometry (WDS) with Applications for Geology and Materials Science," Lowell Moore, Manager, Electron Microprobe Lab, Geosciences, Virginia Tech

March 15

"Phase Diagrams of Complex Materials: From the Katana, Swiss Chocolates to Organic Semiconductors," Prof. Natalie Stingelin, Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Tech

March 22

"Designing Materials for Ultra-High Temperature Environments," Prof. Lavina Backman, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.

March 29 

"Method Development for Fitted Filtration Efficiency of Respirators," Charles Mack, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech 

"Modeling for Metal Corrosion," Sophia Stivala, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech

April 5 

Prof. Hongliang Xin, Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech

April 12 

William Wallace, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Adrian Davila, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech

April 19 

John Will, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech.

Qingrui Yuchi, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech.

April 26

Chris Garza, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech

Hannah Glaser, graduate student, MSE, Virginia Tech