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Graduate seminars

Research seminars (MSE-5015) are held weekly on Fridays from 11:15 a.m.–12:30 p.m. via Zoom, or a campus in-person location will be listed. Unless otherwise noted, the presentations are given by the department's graduate students. All are welcome to attend. Please contact Levon Asryan for more information.

Dec. 2 

“Novel Nickel-Based Alloys for High Temperature Structural Applications," by Vijay Vasudevan, department chair, materials science and engineering, University of North Texas. Location: 155 Goodwin Hall, Virginia Tech.

Dec. 9

"Design Light Weight, Low Cost Complex Concentrated Alloys with High Ductility and Good Corrosion Resistance" by John Scully, department chair, materials science and engineering, University of Virginia. Location: 185 Holden Hall.

Previous seminars

Sept. 2 

"Correlating heterogeneous pore distribution with  stochastic fracture in the pyrocarbon buffer layer in  TRISO fuel particles" by Yongfeng Zhang, Department of Engineering Physics , University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sept. 9 

"Understand microstructure-mechanical property correlations in the neutron irradiated reactor structural materials using in-situ high-energy X-ray characterization" by Yong Yang, Nuclear Engineering Program, Department of Material Sciences and Engineering, University of Florida.

Sept. 16 

"Firefighting foam research: Fuel transport through firefighting surfactants" by Rezawana Islam and "First principle studies of effect of oxygen impurity on grain boundary strength in nickel" by Ziqi Xiao.

Sept. 23 

Maryam Ghazisaeidi, Department of Materials Science and Engineering  and Department of Physics, The Ohio State University. 

Sept. 30 

"Solid-state structural repair of high-strength aluminum " by Greg Hahn and "A dual-scale model for thermomechanical flow and distortion during solid-state cladding operations by additive friction stir deposition" by Doug Hartley.

Oct. 14 

"Process development for the recovery of rare earth elements from unconventional sources" by Aaron Noble, associate professor in the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering, Virginia Tech.

Oct. 21 

"Process trends in additive friction stir deposition structural repair," by Kendall Knight and "Exotic alloy metal printing by AFSD downscaling" by Ryan Gottwald.

Oct. 28 

"Ultra-fast sintering of different hexaborides (BaB6,  BaLaB6 and BaCeB6) and their characterization" by Santanu Mondal and "Characterization of the internal structure of gallium nitride nanowires by Iffat Arisa.

Nov. 4 

"Novel Approaches to Quantitative Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy: Understanding Materials Atom by Atom" by Honggyu Kim, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida. 

Nov. 11 

"FFF printing of semicrystalline PET: Explore the effect of layer specific area and build rate on result properties by Yifeng Lin and "Determination of the thermophysical properties of  hot toppings for steel ingots," by Tristan Pagkalinawan.

Nov. 18 

"Alternative adhesion characterization techniques of polymer coatings to metallic substrates" by Dallas McKinney  and "Slurry processing of high-entropy oxides for high-temperature coating of refractory alloys" by Kevin Reuwer.