"For seminal contributions to the fundamental and applied research of materials science and engineering, especially regarding materials synthesis, processing, and performance in demanding environments." —TMS citation

Lu research image
Kathy Lu, professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech has been named a fellow by The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, a national organization.
The "award recognizes members of TMS who are qualified for elevation to the Class of Fellow by reason of outstanding contributions to the practice of metallurgy, materials science, and technology. The award includes a life membership to TMS and is considered a pinnacle award," according to the organization's website.
Lu is a faculty member and prolific researcher with a long list of publications and honors in the field.
Lu called the award "the highest honor and recognition for my contribution to the fundamental and applied research of materials science and engineering."
Her research group focuses on a range of fundamental and applied materials science questions, including polymer-derived materials, materials in challenging environments, high temperature materials, hybrid materials, and nanomaterials; polymer-derived high temperature materials and solid state materials chemistry; and simulation, computation, and 3D characterization of materials.