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Foundry Related Course Descriptions

MSE 3324 Elementary Metal Casting Laboratory
Introduction to metal casting processes; gating, risering, molding and pouring. Hands-on experience. Emphasis on safe foundry practices. Oral and written reports are required. Pre: MSE 2034 or MSE 2044; ISE 2214 Co: MSE 3354 (0H, 3L, 1C)

MSE 3334 Test Methods for Foundry Laboratories
The properties of foundry sand, molten metal and castings are measured using standard laboratory test procedures. Safe foundry practices are emphasized. Oral and written reports are required. Pre: MSE 2034 or MSE 2044; ISE 2214 (1H, 2L, 2C)

MSE 3344 Government Regulation of the Metal Casting Industry
Introduction to the role of federal, state, and local regulation of the metal casting industry. Implementation of OSHA, EPA, and DEQ regulations in an inherently dangerous industry. Emphasis is placed on the implementation of these regulations in a University environment as implemented in the VT-FIRE facility. Visits to VT-FIRE and other local production foundries are included. Oral and written reports are required. Pre: MSE 2034 or MSE 2044; ISE 2214 (3H, 3C)

MSE 3354 Foundry Safety
Provides comprehensive training in safety procedures and policies in the VT-FIRE foundry. Pre: MSE 2034 or MSE 2044; ISE 2214 (2H, 1C) (on-line course, P/F only, may register multiple times)

MSE 4305 Physical Metallurgy of Metal Casting
Casting processes; solidification and its influence on the structure and chemistry of castings; role of fluid flow and heat transfer in mold design; origin and control of casting defects. Principles are demonstrated through hands-on laboratory experiments. Pre: MSE 3304 Co: MSE 3354 (2H, 3L, 3C)

MSE 4306 Modeling of Metal Casting
Design, layout, and modeling of metal components cast from aluminum, bronze, iron and steel; design of metal running systems; modeling of solidification processes. Pre: MSE 2034 or MSE 2044 Co: MSE 3044 or ME 3304 (2H, 3L, 3C)

MSE 4324 Advanced Metal Casting Laboratory
Advanced metal casting processes; no-bake sand molds; investment casting; rapid prototyping; melting and casting of aluminum, bronze, iron and steel. Casting finishing including shot and sand blasting. Hands-on experience. Emphasis on safe foundry practices. Oral and written reports are required. Pre: MSE 3324  Co: MSE 3354 (1H, 3L, 2C)

ISE 2214 Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
Laboratory exercises and experimentation in manufacturing processes. Emphasis on metrology, casting and molding, forming, machining, welding and computer-aided manufacturing. Pre: ENGE 1104 or ENGE 1114   (3L, 1C)

ME 4644 Introduction to Rapid Prototyping/ME 5644 Rapid Prototyping
Participants will study topics fundamental to rapid prototyping and automated fabrication, including the generation of suitable CAD models, current rapid prototyping fabrication technologies, their underlying material science, the use of secondary processing, and the impact of these technologies on society. The rapid prototyping process will be illustrated by the actual design and fabrication of a part. Co: ME 4634 (3H, 3C)

ART 3554 Topics in Sculpture: Metal Casting
Focus on the past and present approaches artists are using casting to realize artworks. Opportunities to do traditional lost wax casting as well as the latest in computer imaging and modeling will be available. Training and safety focused approach simulating an industrial setting. (3H, 3C)