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Foundry Safety

Foundries are inherently dangerous. Safety of our personnel and students is of  the utmost importance to VT-FIRE, the MSE department, and the university. We have developed a detailed safety manual that provides information on all aspects of safety involved in working in and operating the facility.

In addition, all persons associated with the facility are required to pass an academic course on foundry safety (see Academics – Foundry Safety Course, MSE 3354)

To assure compliance with the procedures described in our safety manual  all persons entering the facility during operation are required to have on file a signed letter of informed consent. Forms are available at the foundry.  All visitors are also required to complete this letter if they will be on the foundry floor during operations. Hard copies will be provided for all visitors at the entrance to the foundry.

Students and operators must pass a variety of online safety examinations, each of which is associated with operation procedures of equipment in the facility.

All of these exams are handled online. Access to this site is limited to those who are required to take the examinations. Contact Alan Druschitz about access.