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Gerald Davis

President and Co-owner, DM&M Engineering, Inc.

Jerry Davis is President and Co-owner of DM&ME. He has over 40 years of experience in both engineering and business. He started his career in mechanical engineering in the U.S. Air Force, Ingersoll-Rand Co., and what was then Allied Chemical Corp. (now Honeywell). In these assignments, he worked as an aerospace test engineer, turbomachinery project engineer, and chemical process plant project and reliability engineer.

Davis has a master of science degree in applied materials, with an experimental thesis on corrosion. His recent background includes work as a corrosion researcher, materials engineer, engineering program manager and principal engineer for Battelle Memorial Institute; DNV, Inc.; Henkels & McCoy, Inc., and, since 2004, with DM&ME.

He has always combined diverse engineering and organizational experience with practical, scientific engineering expertise. He has 12 years of experience serving as an expert witness.