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Warren White

Quality Engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding, retired

The majority of Warren White's career has been in the advanced foundry technology industry, developing casting processes that continue to provide single-crystal castings used in gas turbine engines, equiaxial fine-grain castings for liquid rocket turbopumps, and high-yield strength castings for U.S. Navy submarine pressure hull structure.

After graduation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, White became a recruiting representative for Howmet Aerospace, seeking ceramic and metallurgical engineers from Virginia Tech's Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In 1996, the department invited him to join what would become today's advisory board.

Before retirement, White served as supplier quality engineer at Huntington Ingalls Industry/Newport News Shipbuilding. I was designated the foundry subject matter expert responsible for surveillance and control of casting suppliers for Virginia Class submarines and Ford Class aircraft carriers. He also was on the process improvement team seeking NAVSEA approval of the NNS foundry to produce high-yield strength steel castings in accordance with specification TP300, revision 2.

He previously served as the special process owner and laboratory manager for the ALCOA Howmet Castings Foundry in Hampton, Virginia. White graduated from Virginia Tech in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science degree in ceramic engineering.